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Who we are?

Litoral Regas Lda, Trade and support to agriculture

Who we are?

Literal Regas is dedicated to the development and commercialization of solutions and equipment in support of agriculture. It creates and develops the software and hardware for its equipment for the control of irrigation, fertilizing, pH and Ce, phytosanitary treatment and climate.
To support and strengthen these areas, we have formed a group entirely dedicated to innovation in automation systems with the objective to facilitate the needs of the agriculturist, be it in terms of time or usage
Founded in 2007, the company´s establishment resulted from know-how combined with its main founders´ many years of experience.
It is our objective to meet market needs, and we offer a wide range of services suited to each sector or client, as there are:
• Fertigation machines
• Crop health controllers
• Climate controllers
• Nursery irrigation trolleys
• Irrigation systems for greenhouses, exterior and hydroponic crop growing
• Heating systems
• Pumps
• Production systems for pure hydroponic NSP and NFT

Litoral Regas