So I had To spend all night to figure out what was wrong. These days, everything freelance asp developers is at your fingertips. So there are plenty of websites selling online courses.

freelance asp developers

I have someone a dedicated video editor. He does all these things for me. But yeah, I had to learn all this stuff.

All I wanted was just $500 extra in my bank account. I was working full time as a software engineer. And I wanted to do this for a long time, but I really never had time for it. Whenever I came home, I was too tired. And I knew nothing about production. I knew nothing about microphones video.

Api Technical Writer

And I will do it no matter what. Um, it’s been actually more than full time to be honest with you. Sometimes our work on the weekends, sometimes after hours, sometimes I’m in bed at 11pm. And I’m still checking a few things to kind of my YouTube channel. I might be I don’t know, either driving and to come up with an idea, I quickly record myself saying, Hey, I should do this and that.

freelance asp developers

Such that anyone can learn programming. It’s just a matter of dedication. I say a lot of people say, hey, I want to learn programming. I learned a little bit of HTML. Yeah, well, the recent videos that you see that look pretty cool. And they have a lot of animations.

You’re not locked to someone like when you go to university, you don’t like your math teacher, okay? Go get it master class, but someone else but in university, you have very few options. And these courses are very cheap compared to what you pay at universities. Usually they cost somewhere from $10 $200.

This is a course for C sharp developers. I show them a lot of tricks, a lot of shortcuts, how to navigate in the code in Visual Studio. It took me about three weeks to create that two hour course.

Now, I get a lot of arguments from people saying, but when you go to university, you grow as a whole. You don’t have to learn all about programming, you have to learn about everything like literature, biology, physics, whatever. But hey, we have this subject at high school. So why do we have to go to university pay 50 $200,000 graduate with a with a loan that with debt that we have to pay back in, I don’t know.

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And the good thing is there’s so many teak people teaching the same topics. I have a lot of rants about universities. And well, I told you I studied my Bachelor of Science in Iran. And I thought the problem we had was limited to Iranian universities. I thought American universities are the best and they’re just a perfect world. But let me give you a few examples.

Well, these there’s There are tons of resources online to learn programming. Back then, when I started, all we had was books. And these books were expensive. So if I type the same code, maybe it didn’t work. And when I started learning programming, we even didn’t have the internet.

And after he published it, I think I hardly made $100. Learning to code is so accessible, available, and affordable right now. If you dedicate 6 to 12 months of your time, around five hours a day, you’ll have a good chance of getting a junior software development job. It’s all just about choosing the path that suits you, the experience you want to have, and what kind of work ethic you have.

freelance asp developers

You should also NEVER have to pay to buy equipment which they then pay you back for later. Also never pay for trainings you have to do. Posts that link to pages with “how to work online” are also scams. Don’t use them or pay for them.

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And it didn’t sell but I still had hope. I thought, if other people have done it, I’m going to be able to do it. Do you want to automate your workflow to save hours of manual data entry?

I would say the easiest to learn programming is Python. Because the syntax is so simple, you don’t get you don’t get lost in so much detail about the language. So you can focus on learning about algorithms you can, you can learn about problem solving, Python doesn’t get in the way. And also Python is very versatile. It allows you to go in the machine learning industry or become a back end developer or do automation or build desktop or mobile applications. Work experience and learning on the job is another great option if you want to learn real-world tech skills.

  • There’s no better way to start than by learning HTML.
  • What does biology have to do with programming?
  • Also never pay for trainings you have to do.
  • And also Python is very versatile.
  • I have to make sacrifices I you know, I’ve interviewed over 100 people now for the show.

Recording software until a point where I quit my job. And I thought maybe this is a good opportunity for me to give this a try before looking for a new job. So I decided to live off my savings for about three months. First, I created a course that was two hours long, called double your coding speed.

If you’re at home, you definitely have five hours a day. If you have a full time job, then maybe you can Consider taking an hour or two off every day at the cost of losing your some of your income. But that’s an investment because you spend that those hours studying programming, or you can do it on the weekend.

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So I thought, Okay, this is not working. And then I did some research and I realized there is some demand for a backbone course. Js was a library back then that was popular. So I spent six weeks to create a six hour course I thought this is a fairly substantial courses has a lot of content, maybe this is going to sell. So that’s when I thought, Okay, this is not gonna work, I better start looking for a job.

But not like the nerdy, nerdy nerdy To type that you’ve seen movies, I had a social life. But that was maybe 30% of my life. The other 70% was about learning more about programming.

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But I that’s just personally stuff. Like, okay, so you made these initial courses? And it sounds like you weren’t making a lot of money from them. But was it something that like, just slowly grew over time? As far as like the, I guess, the financial side of things with or was it something that like, really quickly shifted? I don’t know if that makes sense.

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There’s no better way to start than by learning HTML. I put together an introductory cheat sheet that you might like to use if you’re learning HTML, it covers HTML tags and how they’re used. Proper html5 layout structure, aka the right way to set up your HTML files.

You don’t need to understand everything. If you want to learn about healthy eating, all you have to know is you should eat greens, you should drink plenty of water. You should cut down on fat, especially saturated fats and so on.

On the non relational side, learn about MongoDB these give you a lot of job offers. And if there is something extra you want to learn, I would say learn about UI and UX, because most programmers are terrible UI or UX designers. Now I know a lot of companies have someone specialized in UX. But if you don’t have a UX guy on your team, or you’re the only person on the team, you don’t want your software to look horrendous. Again, instead of wasting your time learning biology, physics, literature, learn this stuff. Because these these skills really matter.

But if you stick at it and keep trying new things, you’ll find something that works. Now, you know, you have like a massive audience and you have, as you said, like, over 20 courses already made online. I’m really excited to talk with you today. I would love if you could tell us a bit about your background and your story. Hi Freeride, thanks for responding. I’m actually putting this out for a client who’s looking for an ASP developer – I’m just the go-between since I’ve worked with her quite a bit over the years.

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You don’t know how the market is going to change. The good thing about having a full time job as you can, can somehow count on it, you know that every month this is what you’re gonna earn. Yeah, you may you may, you may get kicked out, or I don’t know, whatever happens. But I think business or running a business has more risks, and you need to be tolerant for that. And I don’t want to like talk too much about the business side of things.