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    System based on the circulation of a nutrient solution inside a set of polyethylene bags. The layout of the bags is made in order that a nutrient solution, after a course that is longer or shorter in accordance with the different models, discharges through a collector to a drainage pipe that allows the circulation of water and excess nutrients. It is about a suspended hydroponic system, which works in a closed circuit taking advantage of the drainages, and optimizing the water and the added fertilizers added to the crop with the nutrient solution. The remaining solution is collected at the end of each crop line, passing through a funnel and directed by gravity to a reception tank, where water and nutrients consumed by the crop will be disposed. An intermittent stirring system guarantees the homogeneity of the nutrient solution. The plants can be individually watered and nourished by drip- or micro-irrigation, depending on the crop. For a particular program of fertilization, the fertilizers chosen from each fertilizer tank are dissolved in the irrigation water.